Why Paperless Towels, Gina?

After graduating from Bauder College in Atlanta, GA in 1983 with a degree in Fashion Design. I moved back to my home state of Maryland for family reasons and worked at a fabric store for many years and designed and sewed custom-created formal wear and wedding dresses.

My life took a turn, and moved away from sewing (as a living) for a time; but then I sustained a shattered leg injury from a bad fall, which took a year to heal, but that injury began a domino effect of health related issues, and I found that I once again needed to make a living working from home on my own schedule. We then moved to the quiet, peaceful and beautiful Mountain State of West Virginia, where we live now.

All along, I loved, made, and used cloth napkins in my home for economic reasons, but more importantly simply because they feel better than paper napkins, and they never fall apart like paper napkins do. Then, I read about “paperless towels”, an idea similar to cloth napkins, but used to wipe down counters, wipe up messy kids, anything that you would use a paper towel for. Just like cloth napkins are better than paper napkins, these Paperless Towels are so much better than paper towels.

I now have a business partner since January 2017. Victoria and I now have a storefront in our small little town and employ 5 other woman.

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